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Developer Background

Sight Development executes creative development strategies inspired by local history, landscape, artists and culture designed to create value for our residents, investors and the surrounding community.


When the art and science of real estate collide, it creates the unique core values that Sight Development was founded on. Our focus is on infill opportunities within existing neighborhoods where we implement the traits and characteristics of the community into each project. This inspiration combined with our experience is the formula that brings our vision to fruition, leading to an exclusive lifestyle.



Who is the builder?

The developer has selected locally based Florida licensed general contractors for each projects. Canvas WAD will be built by Peregrine Construction Group. Canvas GWX will be built by EWI Construction.


Am I required to be
pre-approved by a lender?

Yes. The following items are required with a mortgage lender of buyers’ choosing:

  •  verified credit score

  • verified employment

  • verified debt to income ratios

  • verified liquidity to close


What do the HOA fees include?

Contact the sales team for specific monthly HOA payments based on the property you are considering. Generally, HOA payments include:

  • common area insurance

  • common area landscaping

  • exterior maintenance

  • professional management

  • reserves

  • unit utilities service

  • common area utilities


Please refer to the HOA documents for more information.


Are there any pet restrictions?

We love our fur friends, and to ensure that everyone gets along, there are a few restrictions in place to make sure no pets are dangerous or a nuisance.


Please refer to the HOA documents for more information.


When do I select the finishes?

Very soon! You will be notified by the sales team when it is time to schedule your design appointment. 


What type of insurance will I need?

You will need an HO3 Policy from your preferred home insurance company.


What is the deposit requirement to reserve a townhome?

Reservations are a non-refundable 10% down on the base purchase price due within 3 business days of execution, and an additional non-refundable 25% of total cost of buyer selected upgrades is due within 3 business days of selections being made.


What warranties are included?

All townhomes are covered by Florida law new residential construction warranty requirements. All material, equipment and subcontractor warranties will be passed from the developer to the new homeowner, including a 10-year transferable structural warranty and a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials.


Are there any leasing restrictions?

Yes, rentals are allowed within your property with a thirty (30) day minimum rental term, and the unit not be leased out more than two (2) times per calendar year. Please refer to the HOA documents for more information.


Where do my guests park?

Please contact the sales team or refer to the provided site plan to determine available guest parking.


Can I have my home inspected?

Yes, please contact the sales team to coordinate your third party home inspection.


Who do you use for escrow/title/closing?

The preferred title company is:


Najmy Thompson, PL

109 N. Brush Street, Suite 150, Tampa, FL 33602

(941) 748-2216

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